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You’re not in business unless you are doing deals. In order to do deals, you must form key relationships, create a brand that is trusted in the marketplace, and work a marketing plan that brings in qualified deals on a regular basis. A good marketing plan [...]

The common mistake we see at RE Mentor are deals that are not underwritten properly. If a deal fails, the most common reason is the initial underwriting was not done properly. When this happens the investor doesn’t see the return he/she projected and his/her i [...]

Where are you going to get the money to do your deals? This is called the capital stack. It’s called that because every deal usually has two, three and sometimes more types of funding on it. The first part of the stack is usually institutional funding, the senior debt. Next [...]

As an investor, the best use of your time is sourcing money and finding more deals. Having good asset management skills allows you to hand over day-to-day operations of a property to a property management company while y [...]

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